About Us

Earthlings Among Us weaves traditions of ancestral remembrance, earth reverence, soft power, and kinship via plant + fungal medicine to return home to ourselves and the wider world. As a small-batch, garden-to-medicine apothecary, we co-create with the spirit of earth medicine to support the mind, body, emotion and spirit for personal, ancestral, and collective liberation. 

Working alongside Earth & Plant Medicine for remembering our multidimensional gifts, soft power, and kinships 

Our intention is for these remedies to aid in one's realignment, introspection, integration, and healing process. Each offering is crafted with the moon and solar cycles in mind, and infused with gratitude + prayer. All herbs are organically grown, mindfully harvested (i.e. distributing seeds, propagation to support regenerative land stewardship and plant conservation), and lovingly grown & gathered from our small home garden on the unceded and traditional lands of Clackamas, Cowlitz, Kallapuya, Multnomah, Wasco, Bands of Chinook, Kathlamet, Molalla, and many other indigenous communities (past, present, future) -- aka Pacific Northwest. We give deep gratitude to the stewards of this land before us and generations ahead. May you enjoy connecting with our offerings, as they are co-created (spirit of Earth's medicine & myself) for you with permission and so much love.

Remembering Ourselves Whole

Our offering is a living prayer dedicated to sensitives, creatives, dreamers, marginalized, and stewards to feel rooted and connected to their multidimensional identity as they cultivate reverence for their self, innate medicine, land, and wider world. The spirit of earth & plant medicine allows us to navigate this evolving terrain via slowness, making way for us to reclaim connection to our sacred truth.  

It is through the slowness of remembering ourselves home and being in relationship with earth’s (nonlinear) rhythm - seen and unseen ways - that our inherent connection to all of creation, our ancestors, and reason for being is awakened. Rooting our connection to earth and body, tending our sacred waters and emotions, and following the constellations of our spirit + heart are part of the sacred instructions that reminds us how to be in reciprocal relationship to body and spirit (in these challenging times of being human). 

Unlocking Your Own Portal

Plant medicine is allowed to travel deep within once you are open to accept your own magic, realizing you have power as a co-creator in this wider world. May you feel safe and have the courage to trust in the process. Plant medicine invites us to turn inward to witness our wholeness, unlocking what is keeping us stuck, reclaim the resiliency and soft power within our bones, blood, and ancestry, and support our body and spirit to process, transform, and lead with ease. When you are ready, these offerings will unlock a gateway for your own homecoming; a sense of belonging and interconnectedness within the living world and within your sacred body. May the earthlings among us continue to ignite warmth in our heart and soul, rekindle ancestral and plant remembrance, and nurture the wild grace of our being and our own medicine.

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