Winter Torch

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To bring in the company of joyful sunshine, nourish the heart & nervous system, process grief, and awaken your inner light. This is a friend for those that could feel a little stuck or sadness during gloomy day. Milky oat seed works to offer nouishement + minerals to the nervous system, guiding us through the unpredictability. Hawthorn anchors us in our heart to follow our true desires + needs. And Tulsi's offers clarity and honesty, to remind us of our worth + wholeness.

The essence (vibrational medicine) of Pearly Everlasting reminds us that the center of our core is protected. The layers around us, whether self-built or absorbed, is flexible. Pearly Everlasting teaches us how to make sense of the barriers that hold us back. St. John's Wort brings warmth + invites the joy of a child, reminding us to shine and tend our fire.