Sacred Spaces Hydrosol


Pink & white yarrow blend of copper distilled hydrosol is an invitation to tend the sacred ecology that holds us. Topically, it is soothing and anti-inflammatory to sensitive and inflammation, fortify the skin, and forms a protective layer around us.

More about this hydrosol::
:: White yarrow🌼🌿~ Strong ally for those that are space holders, navigate a lot of energies, and/or feel sensitive or drained in social situations. Yarrow shows us the power of holding healthy boundaries, preventing from feeling extra tender from other's emotions, burdens, stories, and energies.
:: Pink yarrow🌸🌿~ Their medicine invites us to rekindle compassion and love for ourselves. Meeting us in spaces where we need guidance in nurturing ourselves home while protecting us from depleting our reserves even further. (Especially with all the intense energy & movement the summer brings, it’s okay to slow down.)

🌈Together, they inform us how to steward relationships that are reciprocal and sacred, for ourselves, others, and more-than-human world.
:: Hydrosols can be used as a room spray, face mist, energetic hygiene companion, travel ally, and ingested in bits. (1 oz)