Process + Declutter


A blend of restorative and grounding plants & fungi that supports the liver, kidney, adrenals, digestive, immune, and nervous system. Guiding our bodies to slowly process & declutter, so we can fully receive and transform energies into nourishment.

Combining the deep-roots of (unroasted) burduck + roasted dandelion offers inulin, a prebiotic, helpful for our digestive & microbiota. As deep rooted plants, they offer deep nourishment & help us to assimilate building food, ideas, and practices while decluttering what is no longer needed. Their taste is mildly bitter + earthy (surprisingly taste good, reminds most folks of coffee-like bitterness in tea form). Aside from their bitter taste & ability to build a healthy microbiome, they're a wonderful & gentle liver detoxifier... which means that they'll cleanse our blood, making the hair, skin, and nails healthier and stronger, and we'll feel energized. With the combination of ashwagandha + reishi, they'll nourish the nervous system and help us feel vitalized + grounded with greater clarity.

To work with this blend, you may infuse this as a tea blend (covered). The longer its steeped, the better. And then strained. You may also simmer on low for 20 mins, as roots + mushrooms are better extracted with time and slowness.

I like this tea unsweetened and as it is, but you're welcomed to sweeten it a bit and add some mylk if you'd like. Enjoy~

Con amor: Burdock, Roasted Dandelion, Ashwagandha, Reishi, Cinnamon, Cacao