Gentle Release ~ Grief Support extract

$17.00 - $27.00

:: Gentle Release supports the body and spirit to feel deeply held during transitions and grief. This special offering supports the lungs and heart, rekindling love, connection, and reverence.

Keywords: grief, transitions, overwhelm, activism burnout, belonging, love, intuitive guidance, ancestral blessings

✧ Mullein is a mighty guardian of disturbed soil (Earth + Water), our connection to joy and breath. Mullein has an affinity to work with the lungs, clears excess phlegm, reduces inflammation and infections (gentle demulcent), and open the respiratory pathways to help us to breathe deeper with ease. Reduces tension and brings softness, helpful for those that may overwork themselves.

✧ Hawthorn has a restorative effect on the heart, physically and energetically (cardiac trophorestorative). Hawthorn holds a powerful presence for grief (global and personal), calms the nervous system, and helps to connect with our own resiliency as the wounded heart re-opens. Their flowers and leaves hold presence for birth, death, and rebirth.

✧ Hibiscus, studies have illuminated hibiscus’ ability to alleviate hypertension. A cheerful, sour, sweet, slightly bitter, and red mallow relative, brings joy & antioxidants into the body and heart (as it also regulates blood pressure, hypertension, and cholesterol levels).

✧ Cedar, not much of cedar needles were worked with in this blend. Though if you've ever been with cedar, you know how powerful and vital they express and offer themselves. They invite us to connect with our organ of perception, our spirit & heart, aligning heaven and earth, resolving the illusion of separateness.

✧ Yew Essence: Ancient tree that offers portals to know who "you" are, while also connecting your ancestors & other realms while staying rooted, grounded, and embodied.

✧ Nootka Rose Essence: re-awakens our love for life and engages us to take the initiative of the fruitful labor in life. Rose reminds us of how to embrace and embody our gifts and beauty without needing to compare ourselves. Their magic really shines for those with wounds within the realm of the heart, self-expression, and creativity.

**Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by the FDA to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant or nursing or taking a prescription medication and/or supplements, always consult with your healthcare professional.