Earthly Return ~ Herbal Tea

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Earthly Return was formulated to guide you to feel grounded, receptive, and held when you're navigating spaces of transition, overwhelm, or anxiousness. Because this is a blend of nutrient-rich herbs & nervous system supporting plant allies, it can be helpful to enjoy before a meal for a happier digestion.

✨Keywords: grounding, nervous system support, rekindling, receptivity, presence, nourishment

》Ingredients: Amor, Alfalfa, Tulsi, Wood betony, Reishi, Licorice, Mint, Rose petals

🐞plantitas were lovingly grown // gathered by me with prayers + permission.
• Alfalfa's🌿 medicine is nurturing, rich, and supports the body's ability to absorb minerals, nutrients, and rebuild.
• Wood betony🌌 is a magical friend, encouraging us to ground into our bodies when feeling overwhelmed, "heady" or disconnected. They also guide us to act from a place of calmness & soft power as they aid in digestive // embodiment challenges.
• Tulsi🌠 aka holy basil wraps a protective spell around us so we can feel safe to let go of anything that is stuck (i.e. excess mucus, belief systems, indigestion) so we can then feel more at ease. Tulsi smooths frazzled nerves + stress & brings us closer to our heart-space, so we can practice integrating at our own pace.
• Reishi🍄 "the mushroom of immortality" has a supportive + balancing effect on the endocrine system (i.e hormones, emotions,  mood, perception, sleep-wake cycles, awareness of reality), while nourishing the spirit and overall vital energy (via relaxing the nervous system + mind, bringing us to feel clear/relaxed focus, immune system tonic).
Held together🙏🦋 by the sweetness of licorice, uplifting energy of mint, and heart-centered intention of rose petals.

》May this herbal tea blend bring you back to your earthly body, may you feel lovingly held, and may the medicine of these plant/fungal kin bring feelings of belonging & acceptance.

(Compostable packaging🔥)

**This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using any herbs, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications. Always do your own research.