Doug Fir Massage Candle🌲🕯💆‍♀️

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This is a blend of recently gathered fallen Doug Fir needles, olive oil, jojoba oil, and soy wax. Enjoy a candle that melts into a sensual and self-care experience.

Doug fir needles, like other evergreen conifers, are high in aromatic oils and resin that boost energy, stimulate immunity, and fight infection/colds. Rich in vitamin C, they’re a gentle astringent that tightens inflammation. This oil was fun to infuse, turned it green, and smelled like a citrus forest (thanks to their needles). -- 4 oz --

This candle may be lit and worked as:
-- aromatherapy candle // ritual
-- Warm massage oil, be sure to blow out the candle once enough wax has melted. It shouldn’t be as hot compared with other candles as soy wax melts at a lower temperature, though be sure to always test a small amount with a finger before pouring the wax. Massage and enjoy <3