Datura~ Moonflower Essence

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šŸŒ Keywords: envisioning, clarity, shadow work, universal truth, cosmic wisdom, innate wisdom

Datura holds a hypnotic prescence, holding infinite spaciousness to hold our wholeness, our past, present, future // life, death, rebirth cycles. Datura aka moon flower, guides us to process & release what is holding us back & not in alignment (i.e beliefs, jobs, relationships, grief, habits). They are really helpful in times of transitions, which could oftentimes feel emotional, unclear, or stuck. Or even in ritual/energy/physical work, for a more embodied + balanced presence.

I witnessed Datura unfurling, slowly, under the September full moon of Pisces.. also approaching autumn equinox (where light & darkness is equal, and the days ahead are getting darker in the northern hemisphere). Made after they bloomed & as rain started to nourish the dry lands (summer drought). What blessing to feel datura's radiance as our prayers for rain came to fruition.

ā€¼ļøDisclaimer: this is a listing for flower essence, so this is very diluted energetic medicine of the flower. Making it safe to consume & work with. I do NOT recommend ingesting Datura (toxic) unless you know how to work with them properly.