Meet Jenny (she/they)

Hola ~ Salaam, I am so happy you are here~ 

I am the Latine (first-generation U.S.-born, raised in Nicaragüense & Palestinian household) medicine maker, steward, and seer behind Earthlings Among Us. My intention as an herbalist and medicine maker is to support your journey of transcendence. I created this platform to offer herbal remedies, as they can reawaken the profound wisdom of our own power & resilience, while cultivating love for ourselves and the wider world. I feel that plants are wonderful space holders for de-programming, healing, grieving, and reclaiming remembrance of our own innate healing and magical abilities. I enjoy communing with the spirit of the plants and earth medicine for remembering the ways of my ancestors, self, and the land. With the guidance and permission of earth's medicine, I co-create offerings that supports the mind, body, emotion, spirit, and earth via elixirs, tea blends, topical remedies, essences, syrups. 

My work revolves around intuition, working with my hands (as my ancestors have), and connecting with my inner and outer ecology. A lot of times when I am working with plants or simply taking a walk around the neighborhood or forest, I feel a sense of belonging and inspiration by the magic animated by the earthly creatures, the unfurling flowers, the bursting fungi, the rolling winds, the swaying trees, the vast sky, twinkling stars, the stones, the cleansing waters, etc. My enduring magic was reawakened in the misty green landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. In the midst of feeling displaced and disassociative, the forest revealed to me that I am accompanied by loving ancestors and guides. They showed me how deep healing takes place when I go inward into the deepest caverns within myself and surrender to discomfort. That through cultivating presence, I am able to tend to the marginalized parts of my being. I am here to reclaim ancestral ways of connecting to place, to my body, to my loved ones, to my greater community, and to the wider world.

My goal is to offer a portal where you can embark on healing through the heart of nature. The plant and fungi assist in awakening the innate healing of our bodies by nourishing the wells of our own inner ecosystem. May you feel inspired or initiated to reclaim and deepen your connection with madre tierra, her earthlings, and your wild roots.

The portal awaits...

*I am also the co-founder of Bosque Medicine Farm where we offer in-person learning journeys (i.e. permaculture, gardening, herbalism) and sacred ecology work to promote sovereignty, building traditions, deep healing, and profound engagement with the living world. To learn more about Bosque Medicine Farm, please visit our website.

Feel free to reach out so we can connect <3